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Tuesday / Sep 19, 2006 /

Business Maturity Model

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A saying ‘learn to walk before running’ is very well known and it is very obvious that ‘learn to stand firm before walking’. That’s the maturity process to RUN and it’s important to ‘learn running fast before flying’. Let me apply my startup experience with the above analogy for running a business. When we analyze…

Tuesday / Sep 12, 2006 /

The 3D Effect!

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‘The Depth’ as the third dimension adds more life into the flat world with two dimensions. Let’s go little deep and see how this concept is applicable to entrepreneurship. Ambition is the third dimension which adds depth to the other dimensions The Intelligence and The Emotion. Some of the qualities of these dimensions can be…

Tuesday / Aug 22, 2006 /

The Corporate Apple

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Last week, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Puttaparthy after a long time. There, I heard a speech by Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which was very enlightening. After the speech, all assembled there got an apple. That reminds me of a famous proverb “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. It is said…

Monday / Aug 14, 2006 /

The Inseparable Twins #1

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This is my first post on a new series called ‘The Inseparable Twins’ These posts would focus on the subjects which are like 2 different sides of one single coin. The first inseparable twins are ‘Idea and Execution’. Thoughts come from a beautiful mind and your IDEA is a part of creativity. A good IDEA…

Sunday / Aug 06, 2006 /

Suggestions Matter!

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Our life is a reflection of the suggestions that we have been receiving throughout. At some time or the other we have received them from our parents, friends, teachers, our colleagues, managers, supervisors, etc., Suggestions are surely one thing that has been omnipresent in shaping our life. What is very important is from whom are…

Monday / Jul 31, 2006 /

SIP #4 The Driving Factor!

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They say ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Let me extend it to, ‘Behind every successful business, there is a driving factor”. The driving factor could be anything which drives business to excellence. Cost is one such driving factor some companies have adopted. I recall reading an article many years ago that, Samsung…

Saturday / Jul 15, 2006 /

The Team and A Goal

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For any organization which has a futuristic vision, building a team is one of the most important activity. It could be a big challenge. Group of people is not a team always. Then what is the difference? A perfect team activity which inspired me for this article was, that winning goal conceded by the Argentina…

Friday / Jun 30, 2006 /

Sweet 16

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The age sixteen is referred to as ‘sweet sixteen’. This is because at sixteen we are at the pinnacle of teenage, which is the most youthful time of our life. Who doesn’t want to be at sixteen all the time? Recently, I met J.P.Balasubramaniam who is an entrepreneur, an industrialist and a leader. After our…

Friday / Jun 23, 2006 /

LIP #3.5 Relationship Management – All about Loving and Giving

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Relationship Management is close to my heart because my personal and professional life has been built on the wonderful relations that I have shared with others. Relationships are like wine. They get better with each passing day and its the best when it’s old and strong. My friend Rajesh Setty says, “Relationships are of 2…

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