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Author: Naveen Lakkur

Tuesday / Jan 21, 2020 /

Caring For Family and Society is the Hallmark of a Leader

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“Caring for self is ordinary; Caring for self and society is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur While there is nothing wrong in caring for self or for your own all the time or participating in societal causes while keeping family commitments on the backseat, these stories seems ordinary. However, extraordinary people or heroes do things to…

Thursday / Jan 16, 2020 /

Ambition is ExtraOrdinary When Followed by Action and Accomplishment

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“Being Ambitious is ordinary; Ambition followed by Action and Accomplishments is extraordinary.” – Naveen Lakkur People start college or start at an organization with ambition. However, those who follow-up their ambition with action and accomplishments get remembered.

Thursday / Jan 16, 2020 /

Innovation Coach Naveen Lakkur Speaking at TECHBHARAT 2020

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Tech Bharat 2020 is a platform for 1000+ startups to network with their peers, and learn from experts and leaders. The core focus of the event is to help startups secure business opportunities in private, manufacturing and government sectors. Naveen Lakkur, the Chief Innovative Coach of the ‘Institute of Inspiring Innovation’ will be speaking and…

Thursday / Jan 09, 2020 /

The Spark Edition #29

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Hello! Perception & Reality are many times, a topic of discussion and argument too. Everyone has their own perceptions about this. Ivanka Trump’s quote says perception about something is more important than what it represents. We have featured an article with elephant twins Appy and Proppy about how perception and reality play its part in…

Wednesday / Jan 08, 2020 /

Extraordinary People Play The Game of Excellence

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“Playing an excellent game is ordinary; playing the game of excellence is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur In our life, we have a choice to play the game which we want. Some choose the game of Innovation, some choose the game of Product Leadership and some choose the game of Business Leadership while some may choose…

Monday / Dec 16, 2019 /

Perception & Reality as Inseparable Twins

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Appy, the male elephant with a name synonymous with happiness, and his twin sister Proppy, a name synonymous with prosperity, attended a seminar as suggested by Lucky, their human mentor. The speaker at the seminar was popular who also claimed to be an entrepreneur. In the beginning, people were excited to listen to him. However,…

Thursday / Dec 12, 2019 /

Extraordinary People Are a Motivation For Others

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“Being motivated by others is ordinary; self being motivational to others is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur Motivation is a force that drives people to do things. Showing people a way so that they take your life as an inspiration and your success story as motivation, is extraordinary like India’s open water swimmer Bhakti Sharma who…

Friday / Dec 06, 2019 /

The Spark – Edition #28

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Hello! We start with a quote from Lord Buddha who taught us to be a master over our temptations. His life itself has taught us that temptation ruins us if we misuse it. This edition features a blog about how temptation and contentment are two sides of the same coin. The article will feature Appy…

Tuesday / Nov 26, 2019 /

Temptation & Contentment as Inseparable Twins

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Appy, a male elephant synonymous with happiness and Proppy, a female elephant synonymous with prosperity were climbing up a newly discovered hill, they don’t miss an opportunity to explore new paths and new territories. Lucky, their mentor, had already raced ahead to the top and was waving to the twins to hurry up. Proppy held…