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Innovation Insights

Tuesday / Jul 21, 2020 /

Innovation Insights Webinar – Product Design and Gamification with Suvrajit Sarkar

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As the theme indicates ‘Innovation Insights’, the objective of these sessions is to bring thought leaders and subject matter experts to the spotlight to share their innovation journeys, models, methodologies or best practices – essentially for the audience to gain some insights and benefit in their respective innovation, intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship journeys. About Survajit Sarkar…

Thursday / Jul 09, 2020 /

Innovation Insights Webinar

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“Innovate for What? Rethinking Capitalism and Innovation in a Post-COVID World,” a webinar was presented by Dr. Jagannadha Pawan. Dr. Jagannadha Pawan is the co-founder of iPowerz, a digital enterprise that supports grassroots entrepreneurs and innovators globally. A visionary academic with a passion to bring about socio-economic change, Dr. Jagannadha Pawan is an accomplished social scientist specializing in interdisciplinary…