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Wednesday / Jul 20, 2016 /

The 3 Important Angles of Innovation

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For some, innovation means creating valuable ideas, others feel it is creativity while the rest think it is the future delivered. Innovation doesn’t come easy. Like all other processes, it has a beginning and an end. We all know equal parts make one whole. Well, in this case, ‘Three parts make one whole’. There are three…

Tuesday / Jul 19, 2016 /


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MASTER’S VOICE & MINE Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieving our dreams. Failures reveal our ability. Build on your failures and use it as a stepping stone to success. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your goals. Do what it takes and learn…

Monday / Jul 18, 2016 /


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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor. Changes and new experiences make an entrepreneur’s life more delightful. Its important for an entrepreneur to wear multiple hats and successful entrepreneurs have years of accumulated experience to account for. Unlike the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’,…

Saturday / Jul 16, 2016 /


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MASTER’S VOICE & MINE Our heads get cluttered with the mind chatter of yesterday, failed attempts, and anxieties and fears of whether an idea might work out ; all the while, we look past the beauty and simplicity of the present—this moment, right now. Feeling fear and anxiety toward our future comes from neglecting the…

Friday / Jul 15, 2016 /


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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship A corporate gig might pay more than a startup and come with cushy benefits, but there are real, career-defining reasons to heed the siren song of a startup and for that, you need to experience it!

Tuesday / Jun 07, 2016 /


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Do the following statements sound familiar to you? “I have not been lucky enough” “My efforts being put and the results that I have got are no match” “I am really trying very hard, not sure why I am not achieving what I am set for” “Not been able to have a breakthrough” “I am…

Thursday / Jun 02, 2016 /

Mentors Turn Your Weaknesses To Your Strengths

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You know that a good start is half done. But how do you get a good start? Any start requires a push or support. In life, A Teacher or A Coach or A Mentor could help you get a good start. Let me explain this with a story: Once upon a time in Mainland China,…

Friday / May 20, 2016 /


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Life is never black and white. It’s a mix of both as gray shade. True, coz’ we made it so. There were these two gentlemen seated opposite me one evening, seeking my services in shedding more light about the ways and means to connect, collaborate and commence a business venture, and before they began to…

Saturday / Apr 02, 2016 /

Victory! Victory! Victory!

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Victory! This word has some power, rather so much power that I am experiencing vibration in my mind and body as I imagine and write about Victory. People are ready to do anything for Victory, even adopt the path of violence by waging wars. I remember Churchill’s war speech – one of the best ever…

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