a Little Extra® for Little Champs – Virtual Training Program

‘a Little Extra® for Little Champs’  Virtual Training Programme

Every child is a born champ! It’s important to create the right foundation and enable them to realise their real potential.

The world is changing too fast and it’s very competitive; the world is also bringing wonderful opportunities for the young generation. The question is, are we equipped to ride the wave of future opportunities.

We believe that the future belongs to the children, it is important that we nurture them with the right mindset.

With the world that is progressing so fast and being vibrant, it is necessary that the kids build the right mindset, generate innovative ideas, apply appropriate thinking process driven by Values.

Institute of Inspiring Innovation Introduces a training program ‘a Little Extra® for Little Champs’

This 2 part 3 hours training program intends to create a foundation for progressive thinking by exposing, orienting and developing ‘a Little Extra’ Mindset required for Innovation & Leadership.

Objective of this Training Program:

The objective of the training program is to build awareness and expose the children to develop the mindset which equips them for progressive growth in the right manner.

a Little Extra mindset stimulates, shapes & nurtures Creative Thinking, Innovative Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking & Holistic Thinking. It’s much easier & powerful to develop this mindset at a younger age. 

Training Mode:

Virtual Training on Zoom Call

Course Fee:

INR 1999/- + 18% Taxes = INR 2359/-

Course Includes:

1. ‘a Little Extra’ secrets that shape the leadership qualities

2. 2 Virtual Session of 90m mins each

3. Access to Online Tools & Learning Material

4. Certificate of participation

Course designed by:

The program is designed by International Coach Naveen Lakkur and the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’

The book fires the imagination and expands the horizon of the mind  in many ways, specifically to generate ‘a Little Extra’ mindset which really enables us to take those smaller steps and be an Extraordinary person in whatever we do. It is that ‘Little Extra’ mindset which takes us on the next level and enhances the true potential within us. This striking masterpiece has truly influenced  many from the world of corporate, education and also individuals worldwide  to broaden their vision and have a deeper sense of purpose in life.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation believes, when ‘a Little Extra®’ as a mindset is learnt; practiced; developed at a younger age, increases their potential to produce extraordinary results.

‘a Little Extra® for Little Champs’ is a course exclusively designed for children of age 8 – 12 years. Every child has the potential and requires a platform…

Naveen Lakkur is on a mission to nurture ‘New-age Leadership’

Mindset for Innovation & Leadership driven by Values, is the future!

Encourage your child to develop a Little Extra Mindset.

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