THE SPARK EDITION #37 – Localisation AND Globalisation

“”Producelocallywithlove,servegloballywithgratitude.” – Naveen Lakkur The featured article discusses how Localization & Globalization are inseparabletwins, just like Appy & Proppy.Article from ‘around the web’ will provide a more in-depth understanding oflocalization & globalization. There are four articles related to localization andglobalization from different verticals.The first article is ‘why localization Is essential for a global business,’ and itexplains the need for localization to expand to global business.Our second article is on the topic ‘The right localization strategy for yourbusiness.’This insightful article is beneficial for entrepreneurs across the vertical.The third article is very relevant, and it is focused on business heads and otherhigher authorities. It discusses the topic, globalization after COVID-19: what is instore?.The fourth article is based on the topic ‘Examples of globalization.’In the next section, you all can see the pictorial representation of localization &globalization and its flow concerning a product launch.Innovation paradox is a cartoon strip that conveys the contradictory element ofInnoGraphics. This time we are depicting the paradox of Localization &globalization. Read the Magazine

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