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Friday / Feb 09, 2007 /

Stress: An Asset

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One common asset everyone inherits while trying to achieve success in their life is “Stress”. The amount of stress varies from individual to individual and situation to situation. Many times it’s also directly proportional on how fast an individual wants to climb the career ladder. Each one of us strives hard to distinguish ourselves from…

Thursday / Jan 04, 2007 /


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Wishing you a very happy new year! Another new year is here, opening doors with rays of hope and sizzling opportunities for those who are optimistic and wanting to achieve something in life. It’s the season to set resolutions. Going beyond wishing, I would wish to share a simple model called ‘Aim2Accomplish’ – A structure…

Thursday / Dec 14, 2006 /

Entrepreneurship: Not much theory, only practice.

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A lot of people aspire to become entrepreneurs. They plan for the following: Choosing the field they would like to be in Conceive the business idea Draw up a business model Partners (Whom to build the business with) Competition (if any) Leadership Team Promotion, Marketing and Sales/Revenue generation Investments Risk Management Operations (Day to Day…

Thursday / Nov 23, 2006 /

An Ideal Week!

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Great start for Monday, No obstacles for Tuesday, No stress for Wednesday, No worry for Thursday, Smile for Friday, Party for Saturday, Great fun for Sunday, Have a beautiful week. This is the wish I received recently from my friend Pratheep after getting introduced to Start2Lead. This is wishing an ideal week! The question is…

Wednesday / Oct 18, 2006 /

Inseparable Twins #4

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We say ‘Journey is the reward’. My reward during a recent travel was a wonderful question asked to me by SriLekha. She wanted to know which among the 2 was important Doing Different Things or Doing Things Differently. It was an interesting question and majority of the people think ‘doing things differently’ is important for…

Monday / Oct 09, 2006 /

Inseparable Twins #3

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One common refrain we hear in the modern times from people is that they are very busy. Everyone has one thing in common, that is 24 hours a day. How each individual uses the same number of hours is what matters. Hard work is not an option to achieve something in life, but smart work…

Wednesday / Sep 27, 2006 /

The Inseparable Twins #2

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“Efficiency” and “Effectiveness” are the two common words/terms which are used in daily work life. If you observe they are interchangeable in a speech and it still make sense. But they are not exactly the same. I once heard a speech and the orator explained the difference between these two terms in a very simple…

Tuesday / Sep 19, 2006 /

Business Maturity Model

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A saying ‘learn to walk before running’ is very well known and it is very obvious that ‘learn to stand firm before walking’. That’s the maturity process to RUN and it’s important to ‘learn running fast before flying’. Let me apply my startup experience with the above analogy for running a business. When we analyze…

Tuesday / Sep 12, 2006 /

The 3D Effect!

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

‘The Depth’ as the third dimension adds more life into the flat world with two dimensions. Let’s go little deep and see how this concept is applicable to entrepreneurship. Ambition is the third dimension which adds depth to the other dimensions The Intelligence and The Emotion. Some of the qualities of these dimensions can be…

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