a Little Extra® for eXtraOrdinary Women

Women’s day is fast approaching and to commemorate the occasion, The Institute of Inspiring Innovation will be hosting a talk and interactive session with the accomplished Mr. Naveen Lakkur (Chief Innovation Coach).

Mr. Naveen has 25+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and training employees of corporate giants such as Dell, Mercedes Benz, TCS, to name a few. He has authored books, one of which is ‘a little extra’ helping readers explore their extraordinary potential. In these lines, Mr Naveen is offering a special session for the women of Mana Tropicale ‘A little extra for extraordinary women’. 

Since this session will be held in the party hall, we will be able to accommodate 50 attendees only, first come basis. Please sign-up at the earliest to be part of this enlightening session! 

Date: 03 March 11 AM to 12 noon

Location: Mana Tropicale party hall

Topic: a little extra® for eXtraOrdinary Women

No. Of participants: 50 (first come first registration)

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