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Thursday / Jul 28, 2016 /

Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Worry

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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Outstanding entrepreneurs focus on the goal; they don’t worry about mundane factors, or the risks that they are taking. They look and work toward the future. Never take your eye off the ball or worry about what someone else is doing. There will always be people with more money or more celebrity,…

Wednesday / Jul 27, 2016 /

Plan Out Your Life

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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Planning your life must happen if you want to win at the long game of entrepreneurship. Many people look at short term games, but it’s important to be committed for the next 20 years of your life if you want to achieve something considerable. Planning your life is all about…

Tuesday / Jul 26, 2016 /

Entrepreneurs Never Lose

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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Failure doesn’t just create winners and success stories. It builds strong personalities, resilience and determination, a sense of humor and humility. It builds high-performing entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders. It leads to innovation and advances in technology. It makes you stronger! Every successful entrepreneur and investor knows that it’s never…

Monday / Jul 25, 2016 /

Discipline Can Guide You

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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship We all have goals that we’re striving to achieve- getting into better shape, achieving financial freedom, traveling to a dream destination, and so on. Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your accomplishments. Successful startups were born out of disciplined entrepreneurship. It can drive you towards success in the…

Friday / Jul 22, 2016 /


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MASTER’S VOICE & MINE Ask any successful entrepreneur about the importance of commitment- they are driven by intense commitment. You will find that anyone that has had or is having success in any walk of life is totally committed to do what it takes. A sure-fire way to catapult your success works only when you are 100%…

Thursday / Jul 21, 2016 /


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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Find the give-and-take in relationships and relish each moment. The ability to network is very important- it’s all about cultivating relationships and building great ideas as one. Don’t give up and relinquish the fire when something goes wrong. Communication, compromise and commitment can make any business relationship work.

Wednesday / Jul 20, 2016 /

The 3 Important Angles of Innovation

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For some, innovation means creating valuable ideas, others feel it is creativity while the rest think it is the future delivered. Innovation doesn’t come easy. Like all other processes, it has a beginning and an end. We all know equal parts make one whole. Well, in this case, ‘Three parts make one whole’. There are three…

Tuesday / Jul 19, 2016 /


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MASTER’S VOICE & MINE Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieving our dreams. Failures reveal our ability. Build on your failures and use it as a stepping stone to success. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your goals. Do what it takes and learn…

Monday / Jul 18, 2016 /


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ENTREPRISING ~ Rising in Entrepreneurship Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor. Changes and new experiences make an entrepreneur’s life more delightful. Its important for an entrepreneur to wear multiple hats and successful entrepreneurs have years of accumulated experience to account for. Unlike the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’,…

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