ElectroHomeopathy at GandhiBhavan

First convention on #ElectroHomeopathy was organised in Bengaluru at the #GandhiBhavan. It got the #MedicalDoctors, #Practitioners, #Therapists, #Scientists & #Researchers together.

The chief guest Dr.Shripad A Patil, Professor & Head of Neuro Microbiology, NIMHANS spoke about some of their research and how they are encouraging alternate medicine/methods to support healing.

The guest of honour Naveen Lakkur addressed the audience about #innovation #mindset with the topic ‘a Little Extra to shift from illness to wellness’.

Participation and interactions with people such as Dr.Bhojaraj, Ex-ISRO Scientest and the man behind Arayabhatta satellite was very encouraging. His current research on how through simple acupressure exercises has helped him get rid of the need for his spectacles at the age of 70 years.

The passion and commitment of DR.REHANUL HUDA to evangelise ElectroHomeopathy was so evedent through the number of life’s he is touching and the number of practitioners he has enabled who inturn are helping many people to shift from illness to wellness…

Institute of Inspiring Innovation wishes the team the very best to make #ElectroHomeopathy a household remedial practice for #goodhealth.

Moments of the convention was captured and presented by #TV25

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