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Tuesday / Apr 10, 2018 /

The Spark – April 2018

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! According to a recent report released by KPMG after its tech innovation survey, US was named as the Top Global Tech Innovation Leader, followed by China and India. Creating a culture of innovation is inevitable for organisations, and who and what is driving tech innovation in organisations is the ‘talk of the town’ today….

Friday / Mar 09, 2018 /

The Spark – March 2018

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! Change is the name of the game. They say “change is the only constant” and “change is inevitable”. We have a choice to resist change or be part of the change or bring change. Innovation ties well with ‘Bringing Change’. Remember that Innovation is any change, big or small, that makes a difference and…

Tuesday / Feb 27, 2018 /

Inspiring Innovation in Life for Life

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

As a manager, a leader or an employee in an organization, one of the toughest challenges you face is to get creative in your day-to-day work.

Saturday / Feb 10, 2018 /

The Spark – February 2018

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! There’s a lot of innovation taking place around us – new products, policies, concepts, models are continuously being born. We are all creative deep inside, but the question that battles within us is – ‘Am I innovative enough?’ Majority do not believe in their inner innovative power and are suspended between the myths and…

Thursday / Jan 25, 2018 /

Narayanan K on Nuggets with Naveen

Naveen Lakkur / InnoTalks /   

Nuggets with Naveen is a show to showcase innovative people, their innovations and the impact it’s creating.

Thursday / Jan 11, 2018 /

The Spark – January 2018

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! The beginning of 2018 provides us a few moments to deeply reflect on the year gone by. Also, it’s an opportunity to create new things, embark on a newer journey, learn new concepts. With the breadth of innovation expanding, we look forward to an extraordinary year ahead to venture into new beginnings. I hope…

Wednesday / Dec 06, 2017 /

The Spark – December 2017

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! The new year is right around the corner and it’s going to be a year of conscious innovation. Even the Fortune 500 companies have started introducing innovation to be a part of their organization goals and innovation enablement as part of their organisational values. Are you geared up with your resolution to be more…

Wednesday / Nov 08, 2017 /

The Spark – November 2017

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! This edition of The Spark features the blog on how every great lesson on leadership is rooted in our homes. With the book launch ceremony of ‘a Little Extra’ – a self-inspirational book, we take the first step towards enabling you for extraordinary results. A one-day workshop on ‘a Little Extra’ is scheduled to…

Monday / Oct 16, 2017 /

The Spark – October 2017

Naveen Lakkur / The Spark /   

Hello! The Institute of Inspiring Innovation is on the mission to nurture new-age leadership. The objective is to develop the competency for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship to create hi-impact. This edition of The Spark features the blog on mentors and their role in shaping lives. As we step into this transformative vista, we hope to…

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