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Monday / Jul 06, 2020 /

Creating Positive Social Impact is eXtraOrdinary

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“Spending time on social networks is ordinary; Creating positive social impact is eXtraOrdinary” – Naveen Lakkur Everyone knows that digital platforms of social networks are a new-age meeting place that can be used to engage and build relationships. It is also a platform that fosters self-development, learning, and discovery if used correctly. You can meet…

Wednesday / Jul 01, 2020 /

a Little Extra for eXtraOrdinary Business Results

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Beyond Square Solutions is an IT products and services company that brings innovative FinTech products for finance and accounting offices. BeyondSquare’s flagship product, FinAlyzer assists CFOs reporting in multi-entity organizations, covering integrated group reporting, legal & management consolidation & segment-wise profitability reporting. FinAlyzer effortlessly converts financial data to actionable insights with decision analytics, KPIs, insights, predictive forecasting,…

Wednesday / Jul 01, 2020 /

Being functional is eXtraOrdinary

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“Being part of functions is ordinary; Being functional is extraordinary.” – Naveen Lakkur Most people like being part of a ‘well-oiled machine.’ It is secure and life is easy that way. Some people like to use their skills and be functional. They use their skills and competencies to turn around a failing organization or start…

Friday / Jun 26, 2020 /

Smiling during tough times is eXtraOrdinary.

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“Smiling during good times is ordinary; Smiling during tough times is eXtraOrdinary.” – Naveen Lakkur Good times are subjective and everybody describes good times in their own way. Some count money, or relationships, or any part of their personal or professional lives. Good times bring a smile to everyone. How they use their good times…

Thursday / Jun 25, 2020 /

Knowledge Byte: Young & Old

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The writing goes like this: At extreme stages of our life, we worry, but we don’t realize life needs to be experienced. We must reflect on the wonderful message and fact from the video. The three things we can learn from the video are: Do something meaningful today so that tomorrow we have sweet memories to cherish. Learn…

Wednesday / Jun 24, 2020 /

Learning from other’s mistakes is eXtraOrdinary

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“To err is human”, goes the saying. While it is natural for humans to make mistakes, most people make sure that they do not repeat those mistakes, and instead learn from them. These people also make sure that others do not make those mistakes they made. Some people go a Little Extra, and learn about…

Wednesday / Jun 24, 2020 /

IACTS Masterclass – ‘a Little Extra’ for eXtraOrdinary People

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Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) conducted an online Masterclass and invited serial entrepreneur turned innovation coach Naveen Lakkur. He spoke on the subject ‘a Little Extra for eXtraOrdinary People.’ The highlight of the masterclass was that around the many webinars that were conducted, Naveen Lakkur’s session was the first non-health session. The event was attended by…

Wednesday / Jun 24, 2020 /

a Little Extra for Challenging Times – for Laghu Udyog Bharti

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Laghu Udyog Bharti (LUB) is an all India organization of Micro and Small Industries in India, established in 1994. Its members are all over the country. The organization is trying to organize the MSE sector and tries to protect from various ills plaguing the sector. The LUB Is striving to help companies achieve sustainable growth, stay…

Sunday / Jun 21, 2020 /

Applying Knowledge Multiple Times in Multiple Ways is eXtraOrdinary

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Education can change people’s lives. It can mold opinions and points of view on things. It is a means for people’s purpose in life. It also paves a way for people to find answers for questions they have, another means to acquire knowledge. Some people not only acquire knowledge, but they apply their knowledge multiple…

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