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Friday / Sep 07, 2018 /

The Spark – September 2018

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  Hello! There are two popular old sayings. “Ideas have the power to change the world” and “Ideas are dime a dozen”. They seem to be contradicting, but they are not. In-fact, both the sayings are true. Idea needs nurturing – irrespective if it’s an entrepreneurial idea or an idea that’s part of an enterprise….

Wednesday / Aug 22, 2018 /

The Spark – July 2018

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  Hello! While it is difficult to watch your loved ones suffer through sickness, news of a personal tragedy will hit you like a train, turning your well-structured life upside down. You must take time to mourn the loss, appreciate the time you spent with that person, and get to work.   Tough things happen,…

Friday / Jun 29, 2018 /

Muralidhar S on Nuggets with Naveen

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Nuggets with Naveen is a show to showcase innovative people, their innovations and the impact it’s creating. Muralidhar Somisetty, CTO of Innohabit and the Founder of YogiFi is an innovative individual who puts technology to best use to solve certain serious issues. Watch as Muralidhar shares about the importance of Yoga and how YogiFi can…

Wednesday / Jun 27, 2018 /

The Spark – June 2018

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Hello! While knowledge is being acquired through different forms, it is of no value until it is put into practice. Those who only ‘know’ something will always come second to those who ‘do’ it. The true value of knowledge lies not in its accumulation, but in its application. This edition features the article on Knowledge…

Wednesday / May 16, 2018 /

The Spark – May 2018

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Hello! There are numerous opportunities to innovate all around us. While some seize it, others let it go by. No matter which industry you belong to, it’s not just about waiting for the right opportunity, but also about creating great ones. This edition features the article on Global Inhouse Centers and how IT Services companies…

Wednesday / May 16, 2018 /

Immense Growth Opportunity for Talent in Tech Industry in India

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

The centre of gravity of Fortune 500 companies is shifting to India. The advent of Global Inhouse Centres (GIC) have transformed the way technology development of MNCs work in India. GIC’s were established for service related companies, which include Accenture, Dell, Capgemini and more. India is known for its services segment because of the amazing…

Tuesday / Apr 10, 2018 /

The Spark – April 2018

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Hello! According to a recent report released by KPMG after its tech innovation survey, US was named as the Top Global Tech Innovation Leader, followed by China and India. Creating a culture of innovation is inevitable for organisations, and who and what is driving tech innovation in organisations is the ‘talk of the town’ today….

Friday / Mar 09, 2018 /

The Spark – March 2018

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Hello! Change is the name of the game. They say “change is the only constant” and “change is inevitable”. We have a choice to resist change or be part of the change or bring change. Innovation ties well with ‘Bringing Change’. Remember that Innovation is any change, big or small, that makes a difference and…

Tuesday / Feb 27, 2018 /

Inspiring Innovation in Life for Life

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As a manager, a leader or an employee in an organization, one of the toughest challenges you face is to get creative in your day-to-day work.

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