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Friday / Jun 28, 2019 /

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science as Inseparable Twins

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The brother and sister duo, Appy the male elephant, with a name synonymous with happiness and his twin sister Proppy, a name synonymous with prosperity, both as aspiring innovators decided to visit their human friend and a mentor Lucky, in his office in the city. By the time they reached the office, they were stressed…

Monday / Mar 04, 2019 /

Connecting the Dots for Leadership Lessons – by Naveen Lakkur

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They say, “History repeats”, especially when the outcomes are not a good one. Maybe we are not learning from history. Instead of creating a new history, we may be repeating the same mistakes. Once my boss at work asked me, “Naveen Lakkur, do you want to learn from your mistakes?” Without even a blink, my…

Friday / Feb 22, 2019 /

This Astute Leader Inspired India to Rethink Metro Transit – by Naveen Lakkur

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The World Thinking Day is an initiative started by the Scouts and Guides movement. Over the years, their “thinking day” changed to “World Thinking Day”. Every year since 2005 a theme is decided and discussed. In 2005, the theme was “Think about food” and in 2008, the theme was “think about water”. The theme of…

Thursday / Jan 10, 2019 /

Pearls of Entrepreneurship from Swami Vivekananda’s Life – by Naveen Lakkur

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Among all else, Vivekananda was against fanaticism of all kinds and campaigned world over against it. Wherever he traveled, people came to listen. The defining moment of his life came on September 11, 1893 at Chicago. Speaking at the first Parliament of World’s Religions, part of the World Fair, he stood on stage and began,…

Monday / Dec 24, 2018 /

Cultivating Culture for Innovation within a Corporate – by Naveen Lakkur

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After waking up early in the morning, Appy an elephant tusker with great powers and his name synonym to ‘Happiness’ went to the living room to join his twin sister Proppy drinking her morning sugarcane juice. Proppy a sharp and beautiful elephant with her name synonym to ‘Prosperity’. Both Appy & Proppy love humans so…

Monday / Dec 24, 2018 /

What Can Mahatma Gandhi Teach us About Innovation? – Naveen Lakkur

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also lovingly known as Bapu among the first circle, Father of the Nation in India or Mahatma in the World, is in the thoughts and memory of millions of people worldwide. Naveen Lakkur thinks he is one of the innovative genius to live. He disrupted things as they were and taught how…

Tuesday / Nov 13, 2018 /

Change Consciously – Article by Naveen Lakkur

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“Change” is the most certain thing in life. Nothing is static in this world. Everything is subject to change. The weather changes every minute and so does your mind. The human mind probably changes faster than anything else known to man. One of the greatest influencers the world has seen in recent times, Mahatma Gandhi…

Wednesday / Oct 17, 2018 /

Marketing and Innovation as Inseparable Twins Driving Business Growth – Naveen Lakkur

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It was a Saturday evening and Appy, a male elephant with his name synonymous to ‘Happiness’, an aspiring innovator, and his twin sister Proppy with her name synonymous to ‘Prosperity’, a young aspiring entrepreneur, were just done hauling all the logs to the sawing station up the hillock. They had gone back to join their…

Wednesday / May 16, 2018 /

Immense Growth Opportunity for Talent in Tech Industry in India

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The centre of gravity of Fortune 500 companies is shifting to India. The advent of Global Inhouse Centres (GIC) have transformed the way technology development of MNCs work in India. GIC’s were established for service related companies, which include Accenture, Dell, Capgemini and more. India is known for its services segment because of the amazing…