The Spark Edition #29



Perception & Reality are many times, a topic of discussion and argument too. Everyone has their own perceptions about this. Ivanka Trump’s quote says perception about something is more important than what it represents.

We have featured an article with elephant twins Appy and Proppy about how perception and reality play its part in innovation and entrepreneurship. As usual, their mentor Lucky is there to help them learn.

There are articles from sources like Fast Company and Marketing Week about how certain words or the lack of words mean something in some language and something in the other, triggering perception about a culture. Another article says how people perceive it and what it actually boils down to, to actually be an entrepreneur.

We also have an article about how perception can trigger innovation. Then, we also have an article about customer experience, how perception plays an important part in it.

The infographics represent the factors that are subjective or objective that determine someone’s perception. Some of the best advertisers seem to know this formula. This is why they have an influence on people’s perceptions.

We conclude the Spark with a cartoon featuring Anny and Ory. Are you seeing three bars three or four? It depends on how you perceive it I guess. What you perceive is what reality is, in this case. I hope this edition of Spark sparks your ability to influence perception in a positive way and helps you in your innovation journey.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Perception and Reality as Inseparable Twins by Naveen Lakkur

Perception and reality are two sides of the same coin. Perception about things gives people hope. But reality will emerge only when you question it.

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Changing Perceptions and Triggering Innovation

Are we thinking of exciting ways of applying technology across new areas? We must create “concrete opportunities” to trigger innovation. STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Do this regularly in your work-life towards a significant innovation.

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How Language Shapes Our Perception of Reality

Language may shape our thoughts and change the way we think. The speaker of Swahili may perceive reality differently than an English speaker. Learning a new language chan change how a brain puts information together.

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Perception Vs Reality of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship may look rosy on the outside. Despite the success stories, there is another side of it. Experiencing a kick in the gut is not something people expect. Everyone must know between facts and fantasies of entrepreneurship. Read this to get tips before even considering starting a business.

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Customer Experience is as Much About Perception as Reality

What should an airport do about increasing customer complaints despite decreasing customers’ wait times by eight minutes, the standard waiting time for an airport? Show imagination in dealing with the situation like Disney does. Every wait time at Disney is worth it. Learn how.

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