Systems Thinking for Strategic Initiatives – Training Program-24th February 2024

Systems Thinking for Strategic Initiatives

It is a necessity for ‘Systems Thinking’ and imperative to take ‘Strategic Initiatives’ especially during these challenging times. Are we equipped to look at the world allowing us to see how these interconnections between small pieces happen that comes together to make a more complex whole?

Course fee

INR 6999 + 18% Taxes = INR 8259/-

Course Coverage

  • Developing mindsets required for Systems Thinking
  • ‘Connecting the Dots’ – the Need and the Techniques
  • Framework for Strategic Initiatives

Course is Designed For

This Virtual Learning Event is for professionals entrepreneurs intrapreneurs and product leaders who want to take Strategic Initiatives.

Course Designed by

This program is designed by International Coach Naveen Lakkur and the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’. 

The book fires the imagination and expands the horizon of the mind in many ways specifically to generate ‘a Little Extra’ mindset which really enables us to take those smaller steps and be an Extraordinary person in whatever we do. It is that ‘Little Extra’ mindset which takes us on the next level and enhances the true potential within us. This striking masterpiece has truly influenced many from the world of corporate education and also individuals worldwide to broaden their vision and have a deeper sense of purpose in life.

Naveen Lakkur Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation believes when ‘a Little Extra®’ as a mindset is learnt; practiced; developed at a younger age increases their potential to produce extraordinary results.

The Price Includes

+ One Year subscription to iii Online Innovation Learning platform

+ Three Virtual session of 2 hrs long with Naveen Lakkur

+ With learning materials of 6 knowledge bytes 6 assignments 5 online tools

+ Certificate of Appreciation on course completion

+ Extraordinary goodies

+ Network with other Systems Thinkers 

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