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We start the edition with a quote from G.K. Chesterton. Evolution is a slow process. You should put in the effort and let it take its course. There will be a crisis and revolutionary changes must take place to accommodate further evolution. The featured article is about how revolutionary change and evolutionary change is part of corporate growth. Let the elephant twins Appy and Proppy discuss why corporations must embrace change rather than resist it. Articles from the web include evolutionary and revolutionary innovation and how these two innovations focus on today’s and tomorrow’s customers, respectively. The next article is why competition and misfortune speed up innovation. The third article is about how the approaching 4th industrial revolution will change innovation. The final article is about nine innovations that are already here that suggest that there is innovation going on in the healthcare industry. The infographic shows the process of growth, and its evolutionary and revolutionary processes during its different stages. In the final section, we may see this scene in product companies. Our actors Anny and Ory experience the paradox. I hope you enjoy this edition of Spark. Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Revolutionary Change & Evolutionary Change as Inseparable Twins by Naveen Lakkur

Though revolution may propel society into a new beginning, evolution gives it a new meaning. Companies need both evolutionary and revolutionary thinkers. Any large company would have gone through a period of operational change due to evolution and an organizational change through revolution.

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Evolutionary and Revolutionary Innovation

It can be argued that evolutionary innovators can be highly successful with limited risk – in large part, return on investments on innovation comes from evolution. Evolutionary innovation focuses on orientation toward today’s customers. Revolutionary innovation focuses on the orientation OF tomorrow’s customers.

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Why Innovation is a Gradual Process Sped up by Competition and Misfortune

Evolution, the adaptation of life forms to deal with living conditions. Slowly and gradually over many generations organisms become better equipped to face whatever nature throws at them. Extreme situations force people to innovate.

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The Innovation World is Changing Due to the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are facing greater disruption and an increased innovation pace. It is the fourth industrial revolution. Technology, talent, and new innovation ecosystems are emerging. Automation and technology are fueling it. This is the age of digital manufacturing enterprise (DME).

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9 Innovations that Suggest the Healthcare Revolution is Here

Many organizations are making significant investments in advanced processes and technologies to minimize the cost and extend the access to proper care facilities. Telemedicine, IoT, gene therapy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics will be some innovations that promise bright prospects for the domain of healthcare.

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