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We start the edition with a quote from Max McKeown. Ideation is the gateway to innovation and creativity is the floodgate for new ideas. This edition features an article on how creativity and innovation are the two sides of the same coin. They are part of a wheel that propels a company towards high growth, if used correctly that is. Featured articles from the web discuss the eight pillars of innovation that is part of Google. Taking timely breaks is also one of them. The next article is about how important creativity and innovation is to business. Everyone in a company is capable of generating ideas and insights. The third article is about why the management must encourage innovation and creativity. The last article is how maintaining Electronic Medical Records has increased innovation and creativity in healthcare. It is interesting because not many picture creativity and innovation in healthcare. The infographic shows what Creativity and Innovation is and what kind of a mindset a creative and innovative person, respectively have. We also have a fragment of the book ‘Inseparable Twins’. It tells how though paradoxical Creativity and Innovation sounds, they are a paired principle. This book has 12 of them. In the final section, we often see this scene. Some companies are inept at using new approaches that can give them tremendous growth. By demonstrating ineptness, they shun the usage of Creativity and Innovation. Our actors Anny and Orry are talking to a boss who is not used to demonstrating boldness in using new ideas. Have you come across such a thing? Nonetheless, it is funny. I hope you enjoy this edition of Spark. Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Creativity and Innovation as Inseparable Twins by Naveen Lakkur

Companies that focus only on creativity will suffer. Innovation is an element that sustains a business. Creativity helps companies come up with ideas and create world-class products. It will also kickstart the innovation process. It moves the idea through different stages so that the products are of value to customers. Read Appy and Proppy discuss creativity and innovation.

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The Eight Pillars of Innovation

What is Google’s secret to success? They maintain a culture of innovation in the company. They strive for continual innovation instead of instant perfection. Also, take a random break. It will spark a thousand ideas.

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The Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Business

Creativity does not lie only with artists and architects. It can appear to anyone and it can appear anywhere. What is creativity? It is something that generates ideas, insight or solution. It goes hand in hand with innovation.

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The Benefits of Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Some organizations build a cool office for employees and some conduct regular brainstorming sessions for their employees. Just by supporting open-mindedness, you get employees involved in the creative process.

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How the EMR in Increasing Innovation and Creativity in Healthcare

Information technology came in late to healthcare delivery. In 2009, federal regulations applied financial incentives and penalties to drive board implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for higher quality and more affordable healthcare. There are many innovations related to it like prompts and reminders, transparency, and medical intelligence.

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