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I say who better to quote about religion and spirituality than Deepak Chopra. Religious practices are either the same or similar, but spiritual experiences are unique. This edition features an article on how religion and spirituality coexist and how religion without spirituality is an empty shell while religion is one of the greatest innovations to make operations of life simple. In fact, religion as innovation has demonstrated the model of extendability, scalability, and sustainability. Featured articles from the web discuss the three ways to boost innovation in a company. Innovation starts with being dissatisfied. The next article is about how spirituality plays its part in a business. Another article that gets you thinking, it talks about how some business people have incorporated spirituality into their daily life. The last article is important because it talks about how spirituality can help patients overcome life-threatening diseases. The infographic shows that all the religions of the world spread the same message. Spirituality by itself is very wide and open, it’s up in the cloud, making it hard to understand and relate. For life to be good, we should have the ability to tap into this powerful resource. Religion is the answer, an innovation that is programmed brilliantly. It inherits the attributes of spirituality, creates its own methods and practices and engages people to bring the benefits of leading a holistic life. In reality, while the practices of each religion may vary, people need to coexist, smilingly interact with each other. We used object-oriented programming to depict that spirituality and religion which might seem like two sides of the coin, but they coexist as inseparable twins supporting each other. We end the edition with a paradox. Holy Days are holidays so that we can have a day off to pray and involve ourselves in service. Our actors Anny and Orry are working on holiday while also displaying two different practices of faith.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Spirituality and Religion as Inseparable Twins by Naveen Lakkur

Spirituality takes any form you present it in. It can be used creatively. Religion brings in structure. The methodologies and models translate to rituals. Read how the elephant twins Appy and Proppy discuss religion and spirituality and their relatedness to innovation and work culture.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Innovation

Innovative thinking is not an exclusive domain of successful people. We all can boost that ability. Among the three things to do include being dissatisfied and saving some time to experiment to boost innovation.

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Spirituality in Business: An Inner Innovation

Spirituality in business is a broad concept with many perspectives. Businesspeople question the purpose of service or a product. The same goes for spirituality. If we are curious about our situations, challenging ourselves, or following our intuition, there’s a possibility we’ll get stuck.

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Incorporating Spirituality Into Your Business Maybe The Key to Success

Many successful business people have openly talked about their affinity for meditation and spirituality. It is a belief that you are guided by a higher power, but it does not require you to follow a certain religion. The spiritual path is so ingrained in our life. Goal-setting may be a part of spiritual practice.

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The Role of Spirituality in Healthcare

Illness leads people to question the meaning and purpose of life. Spirituality moves patients from a sense of brokenness to a sense of well being. Healthcare providers take patients’ spiritual history to cater to spiritual and emotional needs.

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