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We have Neil Peart, a drumming legend’s quote to start with this edition of Spark. This edition features an article on how vision and mission play a strategic role in a company. It is also key to how people see a company. I hope you will enjoy Appy and Proppy in conversation with their mentor Lucky to discuss the importance of vision and mission.

Featured articles from the web discuss why vision is important for innovation policy. Without a vision, there is no innovation, and then your company’s strategy, objectives, and metrics derail. Another important article is about creating an Innovation Mission Statement.

The third article lists some of the interesting vision and mission statements. Lastly, we have an article about innovations in auto interiors. For years, we focused on the mechanics and the body. Its time to look at the interiors now.

The infographic shows the differences and similarities between mission and vision. This infographic depicts you that they are indeed twin concepts and are needed to drive innovation, growth, and operations.

We end the edition with a paradox. Maybe our actors Anny and Orry have something to get you thinking more about Mission & Vision.

Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Vision and Mission as Inseparable Twins by Naveen Lakkur

Vision and Mission are two sides of the same coin. Companies who are in for the long haul must figure out these two things to function. While vision declares what your company wants to be in the future, the mission statement defines why your business exists and why it is important.

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How to Develop a Vision for Innovation

Your team cannot be innovative if they do not have a direction. Innovation must have a purpose. A vision and mission is a start for strategic plans, objectives, and metrics. For innovation to thrive, you must have a desirable vision that is challenging and believable.

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How to Create an Innovation Mission Statement

72% of the companies allow innovations to stall due to lack of process. Start preparing your innovation mission statement. It can help avoid getting stuck or staying away from your purpose.

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15 Seriously inspiring Mission and Vision Statement Examples

Every business must be focused on producing value. You must have a purpose that unites people. The mission and vision statements created by companies keep everyone focused on what matters.

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7 Innovations in Auto Interiors

The interior was not the focus before as it is now. The automotive industry saw making glossy and sleek exteriors before. However, technology related to the interiors is on the rise. There is a rise in AI which is giving way to self-drive and autonomous driving, and other controls.

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