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The Spark – Edition #28

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We start with a quote from Lord Buddha who taught us to be a master over our temptations. His life itself has taught us that temptation ruins us if we misuse it.

This edition features a blog about how temptation and contentment are two sides of the same coin. The article will feature Appy and Proppy in conversation with their mentor Lucky to discuss how temptation and contentment is the start of a fruitful innovation journey.

Featured articles from the web discuss how we can use contentment as a way of life, and the ways we can overcome temptation. Another article says that the difference between a well-behaved person and a poorly-behaved one is how he/she is able to control their urges. I would also like you to read another article about how liking what you do, not only just pursuing, what you like maybe the key to contentment.

The infographic shows the cycle between temptation and contentment. It is all good when contentment is used to find answers to a new question. However, what happens if temptation turns to greed, and contentment tends to lead to complacency?

We end the edition with the depiction of a paradox. Funding is tempting. What happens when you agree to the terms of the funding? Will you be content with sharing the reigns of your startup? Hope this edition helps you ponder over temptation and contentment.

Naveen Lakkur

Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Temptation and Contentment as Inseparable Twins

Contentment is nothing but fulfillment and not a sign of complacency. It does not mean you have lost ambition. Temptation is not a sign of weakness. It will help you invoke the willpower to do something in the short-term which could also seed a long-term goal.

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Contentment as a Way of Life

Happiness always finds a way of slipping in and out of our lives. We must choose contentment over that joyful emotion. However, that does not mean we cannot have goals, or exclude self-improvement.

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The Secrets to Career Contentment: Don’t Follow Your Passion

Most people’s passions have little connection to their careers. Cal Newport talks about Passion Trap and offers advice on how following your passion will ultimately lead to satisfaction. The pursuit of the perfect career may lead to discontentment.

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How to Deal With Temptation

Beating temptation should be an extreme sport. The level of dedication that goes into staying away from something you love is difficult and commendable. Whatever be your reasons for keeping away from temptations, here are a few tips to stay ahead and healthier.

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The New Science of Temptation

The thing that is said to separate well-behaved from poorly-behaved people is not the ability to control temptation, but what kind of temptations you have. How you use it depends more on the nature of urges than your ability to control them.

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