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The Spark Edition #27

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Spark 27


Like JFK have taught us, Influencing and Negotiating are essential skills that everyone must possess, be it corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, or be it for social leaders.

This edition features a blog about how influencing and negotiating are two sides of the same coin. Appy and Proppy again will be in conversation with their mentor Lucky to discuss how influencing and negotiating supports innovation journey.

Featured articles from the web discuss how we can raise our influence at work, how entrepreneurs can negotiate and avoid making mistakes. Another article talks about how entrepreneurs can use negotiation effectively in order to succeed, and to raise VC money. The final article discusses about raising your influence level at work.

The infographic lists key qualities for influencers and negotiators. We end the edition with a thought-provoking cartoon depicting the paradox.

Hope this edition sparks your influencing and negotiation skills.


Chief Innovation Coach

Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Influencing and Negotiating as Inseparable Twins

Influencing and negotiating are two sides of a coin. Both can be used to create value. It leads to collaboration and can be a useful companion in the innovation journey. Read how Appy and Proppy discovers these paired principles to be an integral part in your innovation journey.

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Entrepreneurial Negotiation Skills For Success: Eight Painful Mistakes To Avoid

Business relationships matter and how you understand and manage them determine the success of your business. This article throws light on the most common negotiation mistakes founders and entrepreneurs make that must be avoided. Are you making these mistakes?

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A Good Influence: Influencer Marketing For Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Influence can help a product or brand reach its right audience, especially when the right audience is selected. The CSR initiatives can be amplified through niche influencers. How to find the right influencers for your brand story? This article breaks it into six steps.

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Negotiating with VCs: Navigating the Founder’s Dilemma

Negotiating with the Venture Capitalist can be a daunting task for an entrepreneur trying raise an investment. This article explains how understanding the founder’s dilemma better can help in closing a good deal.

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How to raise your level of influence at work

Workplace success is a result of a lot of factors and one among them is influence. Being influential at work not only depends on the job title, but also on abilities that help solve people’s challenges other than organizational challenges.This article will help you become the go-to person for your peers.

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