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The Spark Edition #25

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You may get to reach some level without any planning, but if you look around, all great men and women had a plan. Strategizing and the application of a plan has taken many to great heights. It’s better to have a ‘failed plan’ rather than ‘no plan’, as they say the strategy of ‘no plan’ is a great plan for failure.

This edition features a blog about how strategy and tactics are two sides of the same coin. It features Appy and Proppy in conversation with their mentor Lucky to find out how tactics complement the overall strategy and how strategy gives direction for tactical moves.

Our featured articles from the web discuss how tactics and strategy rely heavily on each other and how they should work in tandem. They also talk about making plans for the future using cones instead of lines.

We end the edition with an interesting take on strategy and tactics. The paradox shows how a wrong tactic can fail the entire strategy. I hope it gets you thinking. Have a nice read.


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Institute of Inspiring Innovation


Strategy and Tactics as Inseparable Twins

Often, we feel strategy and tactics are the same things and refer to them both in the same context. We fail to understand that tactic is just a small part of a strategy. A strategy is the long term plan and tactic, a way of doing things. Both equally important and impactful in an organization.

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The Difference Between Tactics and Strategy

This article explores how strategy and tactics rely heavily on each other and explains how we need to work with both to be successful. Discover tips to check if you are more tactical than strategic at your workplace and learn to keep a view of a bigger picture to grow towards success.

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How to do Strategic Planning like a Futurist

Learn the innovative use of cones instead of lines to draw up timelines that measure certainty and chart actions, rather than simply marking the passage of time as quarters or years. This engaging article illustrates what it is like to be a futuristic planner.

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Managing Innovation – Finding The Right Balance

Innovation strategy must be a key component of the organization’s overall business strategy. This must be prioritized and connected to the mission and general business goals. Here is how leading enterprises across the globe are finding the right balance in managing innovation.

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Seven Tactics & Strategies for Improving Customer Lifetime Value

This article helps understand the importance of tactics in executing a successful strategy. It displays how the use of tactics can add to the overall plan of an organization and help increase the customer lifetime value.

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