Networking – Your key to global business

A world class training at BSHIP the first Arya Vysya Business Networking Organization. This was initiated by with the ideology of business networking among Vysya’s to Build strong business group by uniting all Business personnel from Arya Vysya community.

Training facilitated by Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach and the Founder of Institute of Inspiring Innovation.

Naveen Lakkur is a serial entrepreneur turned Innovation coach. Naveen loves to inspire enterprises and entrepreneurs to innovate and guide them to grow in the right direction. In his professional career spanning 25+ years in the industry worldwide, he has co-founded several innovative companies. He has also been a catalyst for 250+ ideas to have become commercial realities.

He is passionate about sharing his practical knowledge of building companies and nurturing ideas. Through his talks, training programs and workshops, he has inspired over 100,000 professionals and students.

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