National Sports Day!

‘Sports’ itself is an innovation. National Sports Day reminds us that sports is the source of inspiration and a platform to showcase talent.

Sports helps build healthy mindset and skillset. At professional levels ‘Sports & Discipline’ are Inseparable Twins. It not only keep us physically fit but also teach us valuable life lessons of – teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Sports personalities know the value of a ‘Coach’ who can shape their career and help perform at peak levels and teach them ways to manage stress, channelize energies.

We salute all the Men & Women as sportspersons for their efforts and commitment.

Happy National Sports Day!

National Sports Day is celebrated in memory of Major Dhyan Chand Singh, Legendary Hockey Player represented India. He ruled the world of hockey with his delightful stick work and understanding of the game that earned him the moniker of ‘Hockey Wizard and The Magician’.

Watch Major Dhyan Chand Sing in action.

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