ISF2023 Special Series | Nanjunda Palecanda P

#aLittleExtra® talk in a special series celebrating #IndiaStartupFestival2023 ( with the special guest speaker Nanjunda Palecanda P, Startup Mentor, Distributed Economy Coach, Founder of Nija Venture Impacts Private Limited along with the host Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation & the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’.

Theme chosen for the talk from the book ‘a Little Extra®’ is “Creating something very good & useful is ordinary; Creating something very good & useful and giving it away is extraordinary”.

As a mentor for several startups he has personally witnessed the ups & downs of entrepreneurship journeys and also as a serial entrepreneur he has personally experienced it first hand. He has observed new trends emerging and believes #DistributedEconomy is one such trend worth riding and how technologies such as #blockchain is going to enable it.
As a coach Nanjunda Palecanda P believes through digital enablement and inclusion #RuralInnovation can be unlocked and he has created courses for the #RuralYouth to develop the required competency and few thousands of them have utilised it, that’s indeed extraordinary!

The number of #innovations enabling distributed economy with the usage of technology to solve some grassroot problems is #aLittleExtra worth pursuing.

The recording to the live conversation is available to listen, to learn, to be inspired and be #aLittleExtra

Link to Listen on Mentza

Link to Listen on Spotify

Come join in at the India Startup Festival ( to #SupportStartups & #CelebrateStartups its an opportunity to network with the likes of Nanjunda Palecanda P

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