ISF2023 Special Series | Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru

Welcome to #aLittleExtra® talk in a special series celebrating #IndiaStartupFestival2023 ( with the special guest speaker Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru, CEO of jama botanics along with the host Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation & the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’

Theme chosen for the talk from the book ‘a Little Extra®’ is “Being successful is ordinary; Being happy and making others happy is extraordinary”.

Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru as an #Agripreneur has been able to engage & enable over 15000 farmers in India and growing…especially to empower the marginalised farmers through digital enablement is indeed extraordinary! The number of #innovations and the usage of technology to solve some grassroots problems is #aLittleExtra.

Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru aims to organise the farming sector in India through #DigitalInclusion and #RuralInnovation.

One of jama botanics product-line is catering to 5% – 8% of the worlds consumption. That’s being successful! Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru wants to be #aLittleExtra at the India Startup Festival to support farmers by providing their solution for free to make others happy while he himself is very happy being an #Agripreneur.

The recording to the live conversation is available to listen, to learn, to be inspired and be #aLittleExtra

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