ISF2023 Special Series | Chetana Sarang

#aLittleExtra® talk in a special series celebrating #IndiaStartupFestival2023 ( with the special guest speaker Chetana Sarang, Founder and CEO of DattamshLab along with the host Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation & the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’

Theme chosen for the talk from the book ‘a Little Extra®’ is “Learning is ordinary; Teaching is extraordinary”.

Chetana Sarang an extraordinary women entrepreneur committed to create a learning platform for the very special community ’The Teachers’. Yes, teachers need to learn so that they stay relevant and contribute in the growth journeys.

She comes from a technology background and choose to sacrifice a well paid tech job to use #technology to #train the #teachers through 3Thub-Good Teachers to Great

History demonstrates that resistance for adoption to change has been there for innovations related to education – be it for a ‘Book’ or for the ‘Calculator’ or for the ‘Computer’, when they were introduced. History also demonstrates that these have got positive change and came to stay for a long time…so will the new-age technology such as AI, ML, Robotics, Blockchain…in the field of education.

Chetana Sarang has been recognised as ‘Top 100’ in the Elevate Program and recieved a #Grant which has quipped her to keep marching ahead to bring about the required change to the special community ‘The Teachers’ who are synonymous to ‘God’ as per our ancient culture.

There are many interesting things discussed…The recording to the live conversation is available to listen, to learn, to be inspired and be #aLittleExtra

Link to Listen on Mentza

Link to Listen on Spotify

Come join in at the India Startup Festival ( to #SupportStartups & #CelebrateStartups. It’s an opportunity to network with the likes of Chetana Sarang

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