ISF2023 Special Series | Anurag Bhamidipaty & Chaitanya Bhamidipaty

Welcome to #aLittleExtra® talk in a special series celebrating India Startup Festival 2023 with the special guest speaker Anurag Bhamidipaty & Chaitanya Bhamidipaty, Co-Founder of Roastea along with the host Naveen Lakkur, Chief #InnovationCoach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation & the #author of the #book ‘a Little Extra®’

The chosen theme for the talk from the book ‘a Little Extra®’ is “Having thoughts is ordinary; Finishing those thoughts in style is extraordinary”.

As law professionals working for long hours and using coffee & tea as energy boosters during extended work schedules, One night they get this thought of creating a vending machine which should dispense both coffee & tea based on the users preference and tasting authentic. The thought was a strong one. With that thought the twin brothers embark on an entrepreneurial journey, first generation entrepreneurs in the family they finish the thought in style and launch ‘Roastea’. Roast signifying ‘Coffee’ and ’Tea’ is a tea, bringing the twin concept to work. Not missing the opportunity for Innovation be it for naming & branding or innovation in designing & manufacturing of the vending machine or innovation in customer experience through outlets & kiosks…The best part is that they are exponentially growing their business and serving more than 100k cups of coffee/tea on a daily basis while keeping the taste authentic and business profitable.

Their journey took a sharp turn from being employed to the new one of an entrepreneur and now no looking back. They are committed to scale their business, attribute success to their team and the most satisfying moments is for providing employment to several hundreds which is growing stronger & faster…

Listen to the talk, their thoughts relating to their growth plan, to serve more customers, provide more employment, fundraising…it’s extraordinary!

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