Happy World Teacher’s Day

“A teacher is the ray of Light in our lives” – Ashish Yardi

What an inspiring personality a teacher is, right?

Teachers have a big influence on our lives and they shape our life. It’s the teacher who guides us in our lives and directs us to reach our goals. A teacher is the one who lightens a lamp in our hearts which illuminates throughout our lives.

While many of them think there is a need for a teacher and the learning is limited only in the early day of our life, but in reality there is never an end for learning and the need for a teacher.

Naveen Lakkur; Ashish Anand Yardi; Namita Wadha; Kanika Mehrotra; Harsh Pangi are our inspiring teachers at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation – who are on a mission to nurture new-age leadership driven by values, creativity & innovation. Hats off to their dedication, enthusiasm and a big thanks for being a ray of inspiration!!!

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

You are welcome to join the community of our Teachers today.

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