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Extraordinary People Play The Game of Excellence

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“Playing an excellent game is ordinary; playing the game of excellence is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur

In our life, we have a choice to play the game which we want. Some choose the game of Innovation, some choose the game of Product Leadership and some choose the game of Business Leadership while some may choose the game of a Startup. If you aspire for extraordinary results, then you need to focus on excellence irrespective of the game that you choose.

They say, Life is a game, so you need to play it. Virat Kohli chose an excellent game of Cricket, but his quest for excellence is what got him to be an undisputed top cricket player in current times. The journey to the top has not been easy for him. In fact, at one stage he was even dejected about his fitness, his game, and life. His inner awakening got him to create a powerful vision and a little extra drive for excellence has got him to captain the current Indian Cricket team.

If you watch this video, you will see the eXtraOrdinary Virat Kohli. His commitment to excellence is truly an inspiration.

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