Coach Profile: Harsh Pangi

Harsh, an Intellectual Property (IP) professional, is passionate about creating value and building bridges for progressive and sustained innovation. At the time of pursuing his graduation at Syracuse University, Harsh had an opportunity to work with legal professionals at the University. His “beginner’s mind” approach earned him a position with New York State Science and Technology Law Centre, Syracuse, NY. Further, an opportunity with the Office of Technology Transfer at Syracuse University nurtured his learning experience on US patent processes and best practices, thus helping him embark on a career in IP.

While being employed with the Global Patent Group at SAP Labs, Bangalore, India, Harsh was instrumental in obtaining a successful grant of patents in multiple technology areas like Software Application Systems and Frameworks, Database Technologies (SAP HANA), Mobile Technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT). He further proactively liaised with the Litigation Group and Strategic IP Initiatives Group at SAP and demonstrated his expertise in different projects.

He currently collaborates with start-up ecosystems and other organizations, advises them in different capacities and provides his expertise to nurture their invention and innovation competencies. Through a unique combination of personal and professional experience, Harsh continues to devise pragmatic approaches for providing his expertise and consulting solutions in emerging technology areas like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is currently exploring prospects to raise awareness on IP and the importance of innovation at universities and colleges in India.

Harsh is registered to practice as a Patent Agent with the Indian Patent Office and holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

LinkedIn: harshpangi

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