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“Change” is the most certain thing in life. Nothing is static in this world. Everything is subject to change. The weather changes every minute and so does your mind. The human mind probably changes faster than anything else known to man. One of the greatest influencers the world has seen in recent times, Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. ‘Times are changing’ is probably a very old adage but the truth behind it is astounding. Time does not change, it is the people, or rather, the way people think that changes and brings forth evolutionary and revolutionary changes in this world. The ubiquitous wheel is probably the greatest invention that brought about far reaching changes in the world. Although the wheel caused many changes, the wheel itself hasn’t changed since the day it was invented. What change can you bring about to a wheel other than add a cushion, make it thicker, thinner, longer lasting, faster spinning, etc? Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world”. But, don’t you change the world of others around you as well by changing your thoughts? Unless we change it is difficult to grow, and growth itself reflects change. Change can be frightening for some for they know not what it could bring. Technology has brought drastic changes in our life. More often than not, we settle in our comfort zones and refuse to change and resist it vehemently observes Naveen Lakkur. Accepting change gracefully is good for us because change is the only constant. Could there have been innovation without change? Thanks to those who dared to change, we have what we have today. Would we have got the light bulb if someone hadn’t changed his way of thinking?

How to embrace change and remain unaffected?

However unnatural change appears to be, we need to fight the urge to remain in our comfort zones. We need to embrace change and be the change. Embracing change at home or in work is for our own good and helps shape us as better individuals. Although we fear change because we don’t know whether it will be positive or negative, change will happen whether we want it or not. Changing the change before it changes you takes a bit of will power and a lot of effort. Change brings opportunities, which lead to growth. Embracing change makes you feel a lot better instead of being forced to change, which circumstances will certainly influence even if we don’t wish to change. The fear of the unknown is probably the greatest barrier to change. When we are clouded with doubt and uncertainty, we resist change. Instead of feeling sorry and wallowing in self-pity embracing change will bring about changes you didn’t know were possible.

Here’s an inspirational story about accepting change gracefully:

Like tortoises, eagles too have a long span of life, and that’s probably why both are considered to be wise. While a tortoise lives up to an astounding age of 150 years, an eagle manages to stay alive until it’s pushing 70. There was this aging eagle that was pushing 40 and losing grip on things – literally. He could no longer grab his prey with dexterity, nor could he tear the meat with his strong beak. His sharp beak had got bent with age and his talons weren’t as strong as they used to be. The eagle was left with two options – either give up and DIE or go through a CHANGE which is laborious and painful. The change was a process that could last over 5 months. He had to first fly to the top of a mountain and perch himself in his nest. Then he mimics a woodpecker and knocks his beak ceaselessly against a rock until it crumbles and falls away. Now starts the painful wait for the beak to grow back on. Once the new beak is in place, the eagle uses his new beak to pluck out his now useless talons. The second painful wait is for the talons to grow back on. While waiting for the talons to grow back, the eagle plucks out his feathers one by one. The feathers too grow back, and the mutation is complete. The eagle is now ready to take his maiden flight after a virtual rebirth and looks for fresh prey. He can go on like this for another 30 years until it is time for him to die. The question is “whether it was worth all the trouble?” The wait or rather, the change was much needed as it was a question of survival. While we don’t have to go through such grueling physical changes (we can’t!) we need to shed our inhibitions and forget our negative thoughts and change our mindset. With the past burdens no longer tying us down, we are ready for the next challenge life has for us. Let us be the change. Let us soar above the dark clouds like an eagle and avoid the downpour of negativity.

Closing Thoughts:

It is easy to blame circumstances and those surrounding us for our misfortunes. We believe that other than us everything or everyone else is responsible for our miseries. Being open to change can change our lives for the better, whether at work or at home. Embracing change is not all that difficult once you make the decision. It is better to change because it is always a change for the better.

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