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Caring For Family and Society is the Hallmark of a Leader

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“Caring for self is ordinary; Caring for self and society is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur

While there is nothing wrong in caring for self or for your own all the time or participating in societal causes while keeping family commitments on the backseat, these stories seems ordinary. However, extraordinary people or heroes do things to that benefit society and at the same time look at the interests of their family.

Speaking of caring for everyone, including family and society, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet’s name comes to mind. One of the most successful investors of all time, he has consistently been on the Forbes rich list since a long time. So much so that the whole world looks to him for advice on economy, investing, management, and philanthropy, for which he has been lauded.

Warren Buffet looks after two families. One his own, and the other consists of 30,000 odd people who work with him at Berkshire Hathaway and myriad companies he bought in the course of his life. He is known to give cash as gifts to his family members, and sometimes in stocks. He is known to treat his employees as partners and incentivize them as such, including giving them freedom to take decisions and giving a lot of freedom and leeway.

What’s more is that he is the most charitable billionaires there is. He has donated to health and education purposes. The octogenarian has also pledged to give 99% before his death. Watch him speak to learn how caring not for oneself, but for others is where true happiness is.

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