Art & Science of Risk Management

‘Art & Science of Risk Management’

~ A virtual training program for Managers & New-age Corporate Leaders. Enabling them to Prevent Pitfalls & Power Possibilities

Risk is a part & parcel of any innovation journey. “High Risk, High Reward” is an ancient wisdom. While we have grown up with this understanding, we usually relate ‘Risk to Threat’. That kills the potential to produce change and to ponder with possibilities. The equations would change if only we learn the art & science of managing risk.

Managers play a pivotal role in managing risk for the organisation to stay relevant and grow. The risk management abilities define new-age leadership.

Then the question is, Why is Risk Management challenging?

Risk management is a tricky subject. It’s a mind game, one needs to manage it delicately and channelize the energies to prevent potential pitfalls and preferably treat it as a source to power possibilities.

The challenge organisations have is the way their people relate to RISK; the way they recognise it and also the way they respond to it.

Progressive organisations cultivate competency to manage risk with their managers who are strategically placed with the responsibility to take care of the organisation with their one hand and their people with the other hand. Organisations need to equip the managers to learn the art & science of Risk Management.

“Risk Management skills is not an option, rather it’s an essential. In fact if done well, it’s an opportunity and can be highly rewarding”.

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