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A Webinar for AIMS School of Business

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Hop on to Entrepreneurship Wagon amidst covid-19

AIMS School of Business and AIMS Entrepreneurship Excellence Centre presents a Webinar on “Hop onto the Entrepreneurship Wagon amidst Covid-19” by Mr.Naveen Lakkur, a serial entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation, on the 10th of June 2020 (Wednesday) at 4 PM IST.

Entrepreneurs play a key role in local economies, but the crisis such as Covid-19 brings challenges to the entrepreneurs. There is a need to have entrepreneurial thinking, be innovative, adaptive, and looking for opportunities even in those crises. This webinar aims to create awareness of entrepreneurial thinking during the COVID-19 crisis.

Who Should Attend?
-Students with an entrepreneurial interest
-Working Professionals & Corporates

Pls register using the link below 👇🏻


E-certificates will be provided to all those who participate in the webinar and submit a feedback form towards the end.

Looking forward to active participation from you.


Prof Rajashekar
Program Manager- AEEC
AIMS Institutes

Prof Geethanjali G
Program Manager-BBA
AIMS School of Business

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