a Little Extra with Rajesh Setty

a Little Extra with Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is an eXtraOrdinary person, you’ll be amazed to know about the Little Extras that got him to be where he stands today. He is 16x Author, Teacher & Speaker | Co-founder of | Serial Entrepreneur | Pattern Interrupter | Impact & Empowerment Mentor | Linguistic Philosophy Devotee | Amateur ‘Go’ Player and the list goes on…..from being an author right from the age of 13 to being a founder of many Companies, Rajesh Setty has been a source of inspiration and a guiding force for many around the world.

Rajesh Setty who is based out of Silicon Valley, USA is now visiting the Silicon Valley of India. Here’s an opportunity for the fans of Rajesh Setty to meet, greet, listen, learn and be inspired.

Let’s come together, witness and experience the eXtraOrdinary journey of Rajesh Setty. Join us on 12th October 2023 at Institute of Inspiring Innovation, 4th Block Jayanagar, Bengaluru from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

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