a Little Extra Talk with Vijayalakshmi Suresh

“Just enjoying music is ordinary; Understanding the lyrics while enjoying music is extraordinary.”

This is the chosen theme from the book ‘a Little Extra®’ on this special occasion of 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence.

I think you’ll find the recording of the live conversation interesting. Check it out!

Initiator Naveen Lakkur in conversation with extraordinary people about their little extras…getting Anurag Vaish and Uday Kiran to be a Little Extra…gets them to sing. What a pleasant surprise, they both were inspiring 😊👍

It’s a Special Day & at a Special Time: 15 Aug 2022, 8:00 PM IST

a Little Extra by Vijayalakshmi Suresh was truly extraordinary.

Viji is surely being a Little Extra in demonstrating that there’s no age limit for learning or even better she is revealing the secret of staying young, which is to have that inquisitiveness to learn.

Don’t miss the song that she sings and explains the essence of the lyrics…there’s so much depth and meaning in the music. 😊🙏




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