a Little Extra Talk with Shri Narsimha Reddy

Wanting to be a superman is ordinary; Realizing that being human itself is super, is extraordinary”

a Little Extra® talk on Mentza with Shri Narsimha Reddy reveals that Bakthi Rasa can make GOD melt, flow and follow you. Infact Bakthi is the weakness of God. The combination of creative mind, literary skills and love for God gets him to experience devotional ecstasy.

He feels he’s an ordinary person but #aLittleExtra effort along with his fellow farmers has helped him build MaaPalle FPO, it’s an extraordinary showcase of channelling devotion & dedication. They follow an innovative concept of ‘Spiritual & Natural farming’. Yes, that’s a little extra where they get God to be part of their team and with the ability of getting God onto the field, everything produced becomes ‘Prasadam’ – Gift of God.

While the conversation happens in the Telugu language, it’s an example of extraordinary feelings transcending beyond any language. You can experience it yourself…

To know more about MaaPalle which means My Village, you can visit but I appeal you physically visit this model village as few things cannot be explained, it need to be experienced.

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