a Little Extra Talk with Mahesh Gowdha

“To cry is ordinary; To smile and get others to smile is extraordinary”

I am not sure why the film industries are named after the Woods, but Kannada Film Industry aptly is called the ‘Sandalwood’. It goes well because of its uniqueness & usefulness. The unique property of Sandalwood is that when you rub it either the right side or on the wrong side or even cut it, it does not cry instead it only gives pleasant fragrance which has the potential to bring smiles on the face of people. The list of usefulness is unlimited starting from making of perfumes, making of medicines, decorations, it has the power to kindle spirituality, calm your mind…

I had a Little Extra® talk few weeks ago with Mahesh Gowdha, an actor, a story writer, a film maker, an entrepreneur, a dancer, a martial arts expert…It was a live conversation on Mentza. I chose to share it with the world today as it’s a special day for Karnataka, #KannadaRajyotsava Day and Mahesh Gowdha is associated with The Sandalwood 👍

You should listen to the conversation, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and for sure inspiring too…

“To cry is ordinary; To smile and get others to smile is extraordinary” was the theme for the talk, chosen from the book ‘a Little Extra®’.

Few highlights of the talk:

He developed 8 Packs body, yes…you read it right…it’s 8 pack body. I am sure you will agree that it’s a little extra!

He was the assistant choreographer for one of my favourite song ‘all is well’ from the movie ‘3 idiots’ and danced alongside of Amir Khan. This song should be favourite of many people, bring a smile on our face as we watch it.

He shot an impactful short film using iPhone6 to support Belaku Academy

His one line pitch of a concept inspired Dr.Puneeth Rajkumar.

He is the first person with Vitiligo to make and act in a lead role of a movie.

There could be 100 reasons to cry, but if we can find even 1 reason to smile, we should choose that. It’s extraordinary if we can be a little extra and get others to smile. Can we be #aLittleExtra

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