Dr. Inv. Shivakiran Makam on ISF 2023 Special Series Talk

Welcome to a Little Extra® talk in a special series celebrating startups as part of India Startup Festival 2023 ( with the special guest speaker Dr. Inv. Shivakiran Makam, CEO of Atal Incubation Centre – Sri Krishnadevaraya University#AICSKU and the host Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation & the author of the book ‘a Little Extra®’.

‘a Little Extra®’ theme chosen for the talk is “Talking about responsibility is ordinary; Being responsible is extraordinary”.

Incubation Centres plays a key role in nurturing startups and holds an elite position in the startup ecosystem. As the CEO of an incubation centre Dr.Shivakiran shares very useful and important points and especially with his special role as Co-chair Alliance Group of Startup20 under the G20 India Summit, the insights shared are very valuable.

The host asked some interesting questions including:
Q. What are the outcomes of the G20 Summit relating to the startups?
Q. Based on your participation in G20’s Startup20, What is the Outlook for Startups?
Q. We are celebrating Startups and hence the India Startup Festival. How do you plan to participate in the #ISF2023 which is scheduled for 10th, 11th and 12th of August?

Listen to the recording of the live conversation that happened on Mentza now available on Spotify.

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