a Little Extra Talk with Dr.Ashwini Kumar

“Living to eat is ordinary; Eating to live is extraordinary”

What we eat shapes our thoughts and our thoughts stimulates our action and our actions determines our results…

In which case, Can we engineer our thoughts, action and the results? Is there a scientific approach to what we eat, when to eat, how much to eat..and #aLittleExtra whom we eat with…

I had an opportunity to have a live conversation on Mentza with Dr.Ashwini Kumar M, Professor – Dept of Panchakarma, And Dean Post Graduate Studies at SDM Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Hassan.

Theme of the talk being “Living to eat is ordinary; Eating to live is extraordinary” chosen from the book ‘a Little Extra®’.

The modern Urban lifestyles is oriented towards ‘just eat it’ or the fast food culture, While ancient science is deep rooted in sustainability and become the best practice as part of day to day living…Dr.Ashwini Kumar’s sharing reminds and relates us to ancient wisdom – ‘Health is wealth’. His journey with a choice for medical field and passion for Ayurveda and commitment to bringing wellness is very inspiring. He refers to patients as ‘clients of wellness’, truely extraordinary!

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