a Little Extra Talk with Ruche M Mittal

“Creating a net worth is ordinary; Creating a network is extraordinary.”

Join ‘a Little Extra®’ talk with the author of the book Naveen Lakkur in a conversation with eXtraOrdinary people & their little extras in creating networks which are powerful, meaningful and joyful. Extraordinary people not only know how to create net worth but they go an extra mile in creating a network and nurture it. Is it an art or is it science? May be a worthy question to be asked with people who have created a network.

We will have Ruche M Mittal joining as special guest who has been passionately involved in creating HEN Her Entrepreneurial Network ® #aLittleExtra #Talk #Network #leadership #BusinessGrowth #entrepreneurship

The book a Little Extra® is available on #iiiStore and on AmazonStore

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