a Little Extra Talk with Pankaj Sharma

”If you want to start anything, it’s ordinary; If you can lead the line you started, that’s extraordinary”

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Episode: a Little Extra® | Lead in the line you started…

EV is blooming! Yes, you guessed it right…the Electric Vehicle industry is currently booming. The reason could be many…it could be because the cost of fossil fuel going up; because of the negative impact on the environment; it could be because of the force behind sustainability factor…

Conversation with Pankaj Sharma, Co-founder of Log9 Materials reveals how love for science got them started and it’s the commitment to create a better world than what they got, is getting them to lead in the lines they started. They are in the making of the largest EV company in the entire South East Asia…it indeed is an extraordinary milestone. They would celebrate more for the reasons that they have build batteries for electric mobility which lasts for 10 years, at a reduced price and which can also be recycled.

Their innovation journeys and creative culture at workplace is inspiring.

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