a Little Extra Talk with Dr.Pradeep Srinivasan

“You being happy is ordinary; Others being happy because of you is eXtraOrdinary.”

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Dr.Pradeep Srinivasan, Director-Radiology, Fortis Hospital; Honorary Vice Chairman, Vasavi Trust Hospital; Trustee, Belaku Academy. His life journey is not short of a roller coaster ride. It takes courage and strength to spring back.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a special day when we celebrate love…Love his work, his commitment and the support. Wishing him to continue to be a Little Extra…Let God bless him and be with him always.

Based on our conversation, Here are the 3 little extras which can power us to spring back from failure to success:
Love for God
Love for Society
Love for Self

Episode: a Little Extra – Springing back.

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