Stress: An Asset

One common asset everyone inherits while trying to achieve success in their life is “Stress”. The amount of stress varies from individual to individual and situation to situation. Many times it’s also directly proportional on how fast an individual wants to climb the career ladder. Each one of us strives hard to distinguish ourselves from the crowd, and in the process add to our already existing stress level. But very few actually can over ride this stress wave and be successful in their career. The question then that raises its hood is “Are these successful people immune to stress? If not, then how are they able to manage it so well?” I learnt from Mr. Jnan Dash (a technology visionary and Silicon Valley veteran) the definition of Stress. He says, “Stress is the delta between ‘What you project you are’ and ‘What you really are’.” Let us answer the above question with the help of the above definition. The key to success is by working smartly and reducing the gap between the two levels. This starts with first realizing “Where you are actually” and then acting on “What needs to be accomplished” in an effective and efficient manner. Please note that ‘Where you project yourself determines what you become’. Success = Delta(Projected, Actual) = Stress – leads to growth Failure = Delta(Actual, Projected) = Comfort – degenerates It’s common to long for the comfort zone in our career not knowing that it disables our skills silently. Whereas every stress that comes along is actually a challenge and opportunity in disguise. You should see the opportunity not the problem. And then experience the wonder it creates to your career. Entrepreneurs treat their Stress as An Asset ! image courtesy:

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