“You cannot plan to love, it just happens”. When you are in love the following is something that happens naturally: $ You prepare very well for it. $ You present yourself very elegantly with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. $ Your discipline and punctuality is impeccable. $ You connect and communicate very effectively. $ You are at your best and nothing less than the best Is this not true? When you analyze the best performances in your life (work or business or sports or any activity), all the above points would be true and you will discover that you have always excelled when you did what you have loved, thus producing great results along with loads of satisfaction. This is because when we love what we do, we connect with our heart directly. This is what that great leaders and entrepreneurs are made off. They are intensely in LOVE with what they are doing. Their LOVE is undying and unconditional and their passion helps them surmount any obstacles and challenges they face. All eminent leaders have followed this attitude towards their work and this is what makes them great. They also love and motivate the people they work with. Tim Sanders has written a bestselling book on this very topic “Love is the Killer App.” The book’s premise is that we will find success in business by helping others grow, by sharing our knowledge and by loving the work we do and the people we work with. True leaders realize that Love is the basis of everything in life. The sooner you adapt to this, the easier it is to be more successful. “Fall in Love with whatever you do, others will think its luck” – Naveen Lakkur This is the Valentines Day effect… image courtesy:

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