“Recollect, Relearn and Rejuvenate is the right road to Reform.” It’s all about rebuilding oneself. When brands re-brand, releases are revised, software shipped with numerous versions, why do we ignore our human capital? An axe has to be sharpened frequently to become more efficient, likewise the mind too should be sharpened through refocus such that one can reform. It is essential for oneself to align so that you can stay in course. In present scenario the changes happen at supersonic speed, to keep up with the pace, we need that paradigm shift of unlearning and relearning while still leveraging of what we have already learnt and not miss the opportunity to re-live more happily. It’s like going back to school again – a different school of this age and advancement, so as to sync with time and technology. Recollect, Relearn and Rejuvenate! image courtesy:

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