LIP #2 – Leaders have Personal Brand

True leaders command following. Leaders are followed only if they are known for something, rather one thing or few things. It is all about right communication and action. All leaders must consciously make people aware of what they are best at so that they are famous for it. Otherwise they would be associated with those attributes which do not define them accurately. Developing a personal brand is an art as everybody’s brand is different and unique. It is also a science because it can be created by a systematic process. The following are the take away from this post: *  Leaders need personal brand to be effective. *  Personal brands must portray what the leader is known for. It is imperative for leaders to communicate what they want to be known for. * Brand is not built overnight. With Focus, Motivation and Hard work, it is possible to build a good brand. A recent launch of an e-book on “Personal Branding for Technology Professionals” by my friend and mentor Rajesh Setty precisely talks about this. You would find the ideas of the book universal as they are applicable to any professional who wants to be an effective leader having a personal brand. This book is very resourceful if you want to start your journey as a leader or to be more effective as a leader if you are already one. image courtesy:

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