LIP #1 – Breaking Free!

When I was young I had seen a gigantic elephant being tied with a rope. I was always surprised as to why the mighty beast would never try breaking that small rope. Then I learnt that the mahouts have a wonderful way of doing this. When the elephants are young, they are bound by rope or chains by the mahout to make sure the baby elephant stays where he decides it should be. The baby elephant tries, with all its might, to break free from the bonds but to no avail because it is small and not that strong enough. The baby elephant tries and fails many times, it will never try again for the rest of its life. That is why rope or chains that they could easily break can bind full-grown, adult elephants. An adult elephant is powerful enough to knock over a building without much trouble but it doesn’t attempt to break the bonds that it failed to break as a baby elephant. The elephant has been conditioned to the mental prison given by the caretaker. Relating this to our lives the same phenomenon happens to us humans too. We become conditioned to believe that we can only go as far as our chains will extend. We must not become paralyzed and enchained by the set patterns that have been given to us by the world. If you want to be a Leader, you should know how to make your people break these mental chains in achieving what they want to in their lives. Leaders inspire their people to “Break and move beyond the length of the chains”. The self-forged chains. We have in ourselves an amazing potential to accomplish greatness in anything we desire. Let’s not chain ourselves with our pre-conceived notions and beliefs. Go ahead and make a great start without any chains holding you back. image courtesy:

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